Mom starts to lick

After our first encounter in bed, I let a few days go by before really pushing mom again. I didn’t let her forget that I had established control, however. I would casually play with her tits or her ass from time to time just to remind her that I could do so whenever I wanted. Then one night I decided that I wanted to move to the next phase of our relationship.

We were going to watch some program on TV. I got in my usual spot on the sofa, and she started toward the recliner where she usually sat. I called to her and patted the sofa beside me and told her to sit there. She did. I put my arm around her and pulled her snug up against me and we watched the show like that for a few minutes.

Then I unbuttoned mom’s shirt and slipped my inside and squeezed her left tit. She stiffened a bit but didn’t say anything. Amost immediately the nipple began to harden. I teased the little nub with my palm and my fingers until it was rigid. Mom began to whimper and tremble. I had already learned how sensitive her nipples are, so I knew what was happening, but I wanted her to admit it.

“What’s wrong, mom?” I asked. She stammered a bit and finally admitted that she wanted to come. I stopped playing with her tit and told her that I would do that, but she had to do something for me first. She asked what that was. I stood up and pulled my jeans and panties off. “Lick my pussy,” I said.

Mom blushed so red and said “No, Mel, I can’t. I shouldn’t!” I pinched her nipple hard and twisted. “Do it, and I’ll make you come,” I said. “If not, you’ll have the sorest tits in town and I won’t make you come, either.”

Mom sniffled, but she moved off the sofa and got on her knees between my spread legs. I put my hands on her head and pulled her face to my crotch and told her to start licking.

She told me later it was her first time to do a woman, but she tried, I’ll give her that. I kept pressure on her head and told her when she needed to lick differently. She was awkward, but she kept going until an orgasm hit me. I held her face tight while my juice flowed onto mom’s face. Then I pulled her up, leaned over and kissed her with lots of tongue, tasting myself in her mouth.

Oh, yes … I kept my promise. I fingered her pussy and gave her a nice orgasm — two in fact that evening.

Mom became a much better pussy licker soon, but that was the start for her.


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One Response to “Mom starts to lick”

  1. Nolimitsmale Says:

    Very enjoyable blog.

    I look forward in hearing more about your treatment of your sub slut mom.

    Master G

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